This is a fashion statement as well as a superior quality item that will have everyone notice you pull it out of your bag and smoothly glide this revolutionary lipstick on your suckers! No one will believe it's real until they see how luscious and succulent your pout looks when you're done!

These gorgeous jelly lipsticks have actual dried flowers in them, real flakes of gold and are the prettiest things ever! It appears to be clear so that you can see the flowers inside, but change colour once they're applied to your lips. When a dye in the lipstick called "Red 27" hits your skin and comes into contact with moisture, the change in pH causes the dye to turn light pink.

The dye itself is colorless, which is why the lipstick looks clear in the tube. The amount of Red 27 dye in a product, as well as the other dyes that are included, determine what the final shade will look like on your skin.

  • Real flower and gold flakes
  • Acts as lip balm as well as a lipstick resulting in healthy, moisturized lips
  • Sweet scent
  • 3 years shelf life
  • Animal cruelty-free
  • Long lasting, fade-free 100% Genuine

Quantity: 1 Jelly Temperature Lipstick







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